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September 2022
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Road to Hell

I had these really great intentions of posting about my adventures. I had those intentions last week, last weekend, and then today. But the little sleep and busy day have exhausted me and Bear is snoring like… a bear? which is making me even more tired. So instead:

I knit that fingerless mitten this weekend. My first fingerless mitten, hopefully to be soon one of a pair. It looks like ass in this picture, but it’s gorgeous. The change from almost pure pink at the bottom to almost pure green up top is so cute. And I didn’t even do it on purpose. The other mitten will not look nearly as cute now, but I don’t care.

They were knit completely without a pattern with US3 needles during the weekend when I really really really needed to stop working on my homework. All I know is I cast on 55 sts, knit a bit, decreased a bit, increased for thumb, put thumb stitches on waste yarn, knit ’round some more, bound off, put thumb stitches back on needles, picked up 4 sts between thumb and hand tube, knit ’round some more, bound off. And I had a pretty mitten. Cool huh?

finishing and photos

Another post about what my brother and I were up too. The whole time wasn’t spent fighting. (We fight like we’re 5. “You’re stupid.” “No you’re stupid.” Actually, probably like we’re 7. But still. We manage to always annoy our mother. Thankfully Bear has a sibling too, so he either laughs at us or leaves the room. Sometimes he takes a side, but thankfully it’s rare. Because it’s not always my side he takes.)

But while Carl was here, (Think I should have called him Bro. Bear? lol. If I weren’t so tired I’d be laughing. Why does school have to start this week?) we also spent some time getting out of each other’s hair. For me that meant finishing this:

I took the pics in afternoon light and then tried post processing to fix the colors. They are better (everything had a yellow tint to it before) but the colors are both too strong and too muted. In real life the Christmas-y sections don’t pop out and leave everything else so washed out. I, as usual, am in love with it. I’ll probably always be in love with everything I spin.

See the yellow? (yes it’s exactly the same as the pic above. I really want to know how it strikes you.)

Pretty yarn.

I have like 20 pictures of this yarn. I haven’t washed it and done all the little numbers thing, but I do know I have 220 yards. Not enough for my big ole feet if I do normal sized socks. So I’m thinking ankle socks maybe? I had a few bits left ovr at the end and tried Navajo plying again.

It didn’t work so well. I think either I just plain don’t like the idea or I’m doing something wrong. Honestly, the whole idea of having the singles going in two different directions kinda bothers me. Everyone else it seems worries about the knots that form, but I know that isn’t too big of an issue from the last time I navajo-plied yarn. The knots really do disappear. But the whole 3-ply that doesn’t wear very well idea? Kinda bugs me.

Well, so while I was working (I had to work a few days Carl was here) he amused himself by going around and taking pictures. So I’ll finish this up with my favorites of the ones he took (with almost no editing from me, except that I cropped two of them.)

The Christian Science church? They have like three buildings and the reflection pool. The other two are pretty normal boring buildings, but this one gets photographed a lot.

I should know (and probably do but I’m a bit tired at the moment) what all of those buildings are. One is another of the Christian Science buildings. And uhh. Yeah. Oh, well, you can see the Prudential! Gak.

all over the place

I meant to have this posted yesterday, but since yesterday started at 6 am for me yesterday, it kinda threw the whole day off. I did play some though.

First off, wanna see what I got in the mail?

combs, pad, clamp

The little clamps I got at the local chain hardware store. I was worried they wouldn’t work because they weren’t really clamps, they’re grips. They do hold the pad secure , so I’m pretty happy. I’m worried they’ll only work out here on the railing, but more about that tomorrow.

Over the weekend I did no spinning. After the sock spinning, I think I was kinda burnt on the spinning front. I’m trying to decide what, if anything, I can do with the leftovers

sock leftovers

There’s quite a bit there. Two of the … wow, my mind just did a complete blank… BOBBINS! (I hate when my mind does that to me.) Two of the bobbins finished at the same time and many many yards left. I haven’t counted yet. Probably soon. It’d be good to get that wound, washed and put away instead of sitting on my coffee table. I’m sure Bear would like to see some stuff put away too. It also came to my attention that on some monitors that yarn looks pink… It’s red. Solid perfect shiny red. There’s some darker strands here and there and they give it a nice look, but it really should look red. Not pink.

But finally I started to get some spinning mojo back. I started spinning some laceweight

rambouillet laceweight

I found some Rambouillet wool under the guest bed. I don’t really remember buying it. I mean, I’m sure it was during one of those ebay things where you click buy and then you forget because you couldn’t possibly have just bought a pound of wool… Anyways, this stuff is sooooooo very nice. I almost hate spinning it. I just want to keep it there and pet it. I really hadn’t planned on spinning this next and I probably won’t spin that much before I ditch this and go for some Spunky FOTM fiber. It’s around 4 oz of Strawberry Fields (April fiber).

Ahh, here’s the picture

Strawberry Fields

That’s probably next. For some reason, I just haven’t had the urge to pick it up. Sadly, it might be a while before I do. Hot weather is coming and I don’t like spinning with sticky hands.

So that last post I made kinda hammered home how much I still have to learn about making yarn. I noticed that I was losing twist as I plied, but it wasn’t until I started reading Abby‘s plying video (that link is for the post, scroll to the bottom if you want just the video) and tutorials (Part 1, Finishing and Questions). The video goes between Part 1 and Finishing if someone cares about the order. I’m not upset with the sock yarn at all, but I’m definitely going to be a little more adventurous with my plying and finishing now.

Oh and a little note: Notice how there’s no pictures of the sock that I’m making with the red yarn? That’s because I got all the way to heel, turned it twice and hated it both times. I got so mad I completely ripped it out and have started over. Because this is rather plain sock, I was going to take pictures maybe after the heel turn, but now I have no pictures. I should have recorded how I went wrong on the first two attempts because I’m sure I’ve made these mistakes before. So lacking pictures, I’m going to just record make a note to future myself here:

a) You have broad, nonpointy toes. Stop making toes that are only 8 stitches across at the top. It doesn’t make sense. 12 is probably closer to what you want and 10 is cutting it close. Having a flat, unnatural shape at the tip of your foot might work for dress shoes, but not socks.

b) You’re feet are just over 10 inches. Not 11, not 9.5. 10″. Really. Promise. Both feet have been measured multiple times. One is a bit shorter than the other, but neither is 9.5″ and neither is 11″. Stop making the foot so long or so short. Baggy heels look just as bad as scrunched up toes.