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December 2022
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Everything will glow for you

Linda is again doing the blog every day in November challenge and I’m again going to attempt to do it with her. I seriously doubt I’m going to be able to do it every day this month considering I’ve already lost 2 days. Bear and I have been busy selling our house, buying a house that’s under development with a builder, adjusting to an apartment, adjusting to a new city, missing friends. It’s been weird and sad and happy and scary and annoying and boring and joyful and I don’t even know what else to call it all.

Bear has been amazing through this whole process. I think he’s sadder than I am, but he still trucks on. He’s gone to the grocery store himself, helped clean our apartment, goes out and about. He’s gone with me to the lot where they are building our house so many times. Considering Bear’s and my life is so largely centered our home and considering our home right now is the worst we’ve ever had together, I’m not surprised we are so discombobulated. I feel like I’ve been having trouble thinking, moving, sleeping. Here’s hoping that over this next month it gets easier.

Pink and black and blue for you

For a while now Bear and I have talked about moving. We’ve talked about moving to Virginia. We’ve talked about moving to Florida. We’ve talked about just moving a town or two over from where we are now. In all of this, we’ve never talked about moving to Texas. It’s too conservative. It’s too hot. It’s got lots of crazy people.

Then about 7? months ago or so, there were rumors that Google Fiber would be moving to Austin, TX. Bear turned to me and said “How would you feel about moving to Austin?” I long ago had thought that if Bear and I ever moved to Texas, the only place that we’d really want to be was Austin. I thought I had given up the idea though until Bear said that. I flipped and after talking about it for a bit and Bear talking to some of my family about it, Bear and I started looking for work. There seemed to be plenty, but we weren’t having much luck until my bff sent my resume to her HR department.

I’m skipping over a lot of frantic planning and scrambling, but now Bear and I are frantically packing up our house and asking ourselves if we are insane on a near daily basis. As crazy as this news is: Bear and I are moving to Austin.


Money’s on fire

Sadly, today I had to face the death of my beloved laptop.

It’s been named many things over the years, most notably, Falkor and most recently, Holiday. Falkor is the name of the Luck Dragon in The Neverending Story and Holiday is a holographic femme fatale in the Star Wars MMORPG that Bear and I were playing. Considering the budget has been constrained since the purchase of Lana (Bear’s Acura) and considering that the only notebook out there with a 2560×1440 or 2560×1600 resolution right now is the Retina Display Mac laptop, we aren’t going to be getting a new notebook right away. I’m trying my best to deal with it like a grown up and not cry into my tea.

(Rainbow Oreo, the title is from the song “Cut It Out” by Kitten)

Whatever your heart needs

It seems like every day lately is a new adventure. I’m scattering all over trying to get a job. Bear is scattering all over for his jobs (new and old). He recently flew to a city and back in the same day with a layover each way while also with the flu and on antibiotics. That was a shitty day. A ton more for Bear (who had a panic attack on one of the tiniest planes), but I was ground control for him and he had no phone and his third flight was delayed which meant he was going to miss his fourth flight. I freaked out all over a nice man from United who was very very kind. I know United has a crap reputation, but that guy, whose name I didn’t get, was a sweetheart.

Today he’s on a train to take him to NYC and he’ll be back tonight. My brother is flying into town this afternoon. Bear doesn’t have a phone because Verizon Wireless sucks major balls. It’s a stupid ugly story where basically their sales and customer service pretty much lied and hung up on me for over a week. After charging me. For two phones that hadn’t even shipped. It’s so infuriating that I don’t even know what I’m doing about it yet. Probably we are going to refuse delivery of the phones and not go with Verizon Wireless I guess.

So I gave Bear my phone and he borrowed a blackberry from his work for me to use. That way he can amuse himself on the train with books and internet and such. My brother can call me when he lands and then tonight I’ll get my phone and credit card back. Oh right. That’s the other thing. Our printer fucking gave up the ghost last night while I was trying to print out the barcode for Bear to get his Amtrak tickets. And since I bought his tickets with my credit card and we’ve never taken the train before, we weren’t sure if HIS credit card would work. It SHOULD because he’s the passenger, but 6am was not the time to be testing shit out.

We were supposed to get there earlier but this morning was also a little snow storm that made the normally 30 minute drive into a 45-50 minute drive. I normally have no problem driving in snow storms, but I don’t normally drive that stretch of highway in the dark during a snowstorm because that stretch of highway doesn’t have any lamps/street lights. It was a little tense in the car.

Now he’s safely on a train and I’m finishing the lab cleanup I was asked to do. Today is my last official day in the lab. Tomorrow I’m proctoring a test, but that’s the last time I’m scheduled to come on campus.

(Linda, the song is California by Delta Spirit and the lyric is “I want you to move to California for yourself, I want you to find whatever your heart needs”.)

P.S. I might think this is remarkable just because I adore the man, but after I dropped him off he texted the stupid blackberry: “Thanks again. You got me off safely.” He’s ridiculous, but adorable.