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December 2022
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these things take forever

I got a present from my mommy. When she came up to visit me. Well she was here for a month, so I shouldn’t be surprised that she saw me drooling over other wheels. So anyways, my plan was to get it for my birthday. That gave me time to save up and then Bear and I could get it. She’s not the most pricey wheel, but she wasn’t cheap by any stretch. But mom and I went to go try out some wheels because I wanted to make sure I liked her and I just… I loved her. So mom gave me the money and now I’ve got her.

Isn’t she beeeeeautiful? There was debate over whether she should be in the clear wood or the walnut. I think the walnut was a good choice.

I started spinning on her on Saturday morning. She came on Friday and I got her put together. Then I cleaned up. Then I started oiling her. And oiling her. And oiling her. And after oiling her some more, she started gliding along. I was so excited to not only have her, but to have her just making her “shh shh shh” sound as she worked.

I spun up a little over 2 oz of this over the weekend. The picture is a little hard to take because of all the silk in there. I couldn’t use the flash and even without the flash, the shininess of the silk takes over a bit. There’s pinky red and plum colored merino and white silk. I think it’s a 50/50 split between the merino and silk. I popped The Big Bang Theory into the dvd player (Bear has never seen it and I’ve only seen a few episodes). We watched all of season 1 and about half of season 2. I just kept spinning.

Bear was kinda cute. He’d never seen the show before and it was a treat for him. I think I upset him when I said he’s kinda like Sheldon though. But he IS. Sheldon’s my favorite too. I’m not saying he IS Sheldon. Bear is balanced and a real human being and not a collection of ticks collected together and stitched for a sitcom. But Bear does share some very adorable similarities.

(Linda, the title is from “First day of my life” by Bright Eyes. Super super sweet song, but probably not for you.)

lalala Dragons lalala rivers in Egypt people

I’ve been avoiding getting online and avoiding my email because apparently when you accuse students of working too closely together, they freak out and try to get ahold of you by any and all means. My advisor is handling it. Scared and upset me like crazy on Friday though. Bear thinks I should get over it because I’m obsessing over a decision I already made (what to do about the students assignments). I wasn’t upset over my decision so much as I was upset over the reaction. We then did a late night grocery run. He also offered to go with me to the Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck if I wanted to get away. I really really did want to go, but I wanted to go with someone that would be excited too.

Instead I’ve been spinning and we watched a really good but upsetting movie, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I think any woman going to see that movie should be forwarned that it can be VERY upsetting in certain scenes. I literally had to crawl behind Bear. He asked me if I wanted to stop watching it because I was shaking so bad and I don’t have the same triggers that abused women do. I was the one that wanted to see the movie. I mean, DRAGON TATTOO PEOPLE. And the tattoo was gorgeous. I think Bear liked the movie more than I did though.

Bear is currently educating me on boxing. I’m educating him on clothing. Poor boxer dude’s shorts are cheap and falling apart. Bear somehow thought I was mistaken until the pants literally started falling off him because they were falling apart so bad.

I think I chipped a tooth??

Oh the horror!

I am so depressed! It’s horrible!

I am actually living up to what I said (for once) and sharing picture of the last of the Celebration spinning. I originally didn’t like the fiber because there was entirely too much orange, but as I was spinning, I grew to love the shetland. So I thought, well, this will be fine, it’ll be very orange, but I’ll just have a bright clash-y scarf.

So I finished the second bobbin:

(A hint for why I’m so depressed, see towards the end? There’s the maroon/purple then that brown? that brown is part of the problem.)

But I put the two bobbins together, and thought, well maybe the brown will just be part of the fun. See, I have two bobbins:

Then I started plying. At first, it was all pretty:

See the pink and black/navy? Then the pink/blue? then the pink/orange? All pretty.

Then… the first tremors of trepidation. This ugly brown/tan started meeting with the orange. And while I don’t have more pictures to share, it got uglier. I got this muddy gross long long section. And the strand where the brown came from stayed orange/yellow/brown. For almost the whole bobbin. I’ve almost finished the first bobbin and that one changes color a bit, but the second is staying orange. How did this not catch my attention?? The first bobbin even had a second run of pink and you know what it matched up with? Dark brown. Brown. Not even like chocolate, but dark mud brown. ugh.

And Bear so wasn’t helping. He kept sticking his fingers in front of the camera.


I ruined this poor fiber.

half Celebration

I haven’t been knitting and the week’s been rough, but I did managed to get some spinning in.

Enough so that I finished one bobbin (2oz) of Celebration singles. They are laceweight. I don’t have wpi or anything on them yet. I literally finished the last of the roving last night.

The next 2oz has a lot of orange-y tones in it. Maybe I’ll get some Halloween yarn out of it. Then my plan is to knit really loose garter stitch for a scarf. Maybe. I think.