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December 2022
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swallowed in sound

I think I’ve mentioned my tea obsession on the blog before. It should come as no surprise that mostly, at work, I drink tea. The problem comes in how to MAKE tea at work. When I was in the lab, I would clean my little tea infusers in the bathroom. Our bathroom sinks had grates and I would get all the little leaves out of the sink after I washed my infuser. Here at work we have a sink for washing things (lunch type utensils and such). So I thought this would be fantastic except that the little food catcher is WAY down the pipe and always gross. I hate cleaning (and thus using) my tea infusers now. Our bathroom sinks do have grates, but everyone else cleans their stuff in the breakroom sinks, so it would be a little weird for me to be taking my tea stuff into the bathroom to clean it. All of this is a long story to explain that I’ve been using tea bags (the big open kind for loose leaf tea) to make my tea now.

I have been using the ones from Adagio because they are super cheap ($3/100) and super big. But they taste/smell kind of woody and are brown and stick out from my cup and look funny. While I was in Vancouver I found a little bag of tea bags that were ALSO super cheap ($2/110), kind of plasticy feeling, and still pretty big. The sad thing is now I have no IDEA where I will find more of these little bags. I even love that they are called “Tea Packing Paper” instead of tea bags.

State of the tea

I’m going to talk about tea today.

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I used to talk about tea more often on the blog. I drink water, juice, tea, soda, coffee, all the things that normal people drink. I only drink two things because I honestly enjoy drinking them. One is actually in a WW later on this month, the other is tea. Allllllllll kinds of tea.

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I’ve gotten into pu-erh. I’ve had black, green, herbal, oolong, white, rooibos. I have experimented with gongfu brewing. I’ve used gravity teapots (warning youtube link, also my FAVORITE gravity teapot is from Teavana).

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I’ve ordered from MANY of the different online loose leaf tea vendors. My favorites are TeaTable, Dragon Tea House, Harney & Sons (for Hot Cinnamon Sunset which I buy a full lb of at a time), and China Cha Dao, to name a few. If you are looking for a vendor, try the teachat vendor guide.

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Currently, I go for easy brewing. I use paper filters from adagio. While adagio is probably one of the more overpriced (but still quality) vendors, they have the cheapest filters. Some people complain about what the natural filters do to their tea, but honestly, I’ve liked how they mellow out most of my teas. I don’t have time to use my clay teapots anymore and I’ve noticed how much sharper my tea tastes in my gravity teapots. I don’t even mind the waste so much because the filter is as biodegradable as the leaves.

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The only thing I mind about tea is when there isn’t any.

Finally, a little bit of random. If you care why I’m linking this, click here. Otherwise, here’s my Knitpicks Wishlist.

Dragon Well tea from DRAGON WELL

I had a writer person that I do not actually know call me awesome. It was cool. I’ve had AJ say very nice things about me too, and I totally respect and admire her ability to write, but at this point she loves me and I do not feel her belief in me to be unbiased. Granted, I may have told the other writer person how much I love his shit, so it’s possible there was bias there too and that I should not feel flattered. Whatever. Life has felt like it’s on the edge of breaking for days and days now. The best period of time was between 8:30pm Friday night until 4pm Saturday. Bear and I were practically melding into each other’s skin and I felt so fucking safe and happy and loved. Then I went back to work on my exam and Bear got snippy with me without telling me what I did, so life went back to feeling fragile.

AJ came home yesterday too. The other awesome portion of the weekend was hearing about her trip and seeing all the cool stuff she found and she bought me a jade dragon and Dragon Well tea from Dragon Well. I made heart eyes at her. I have truly been blessed with some fucking awesome people. The stories she had to tell and the high she was on from her trip despite the jetlag was extremely amazing.

My papers are going along. Bear is gonna have to help me tomorrow clean them up and get them ready to turn in on Tuesday. Mom called just to piss me off earlier today (I’m still calling it Sunday although this is going to register as Monday when it posts).

I think I had something interesting to say when I came over to post. It is gone now.

What you choose

I suck at updating sometimes.
Drive by update:

  • Quals take two. Week extension UGH
  • I have The Book of Love by Magnetic Fields on repeat
  • This tea I am drinking is very very good, especially once you push it past the 4th infusion. Gets buttery and vegetal.
  • I fell down the stairs and now have a spectacular bruise across my ass. The pain was an exponential drop off during the 24 hours that followed. The biggest lesson has been going to the bathroom. Toilet seats are hard and cold and no matter how much the pain isn’t bothering you, you are going to feel that bruise when you sit on a toilet seat.
  • This makes the third time I’ve slipped on those inside stairs. If you count the time I fell on the outside steps, that makes 4 falls at this apartment. I’ve never fallen anywhere else and almost all the places I’ve lived have had stairs (counting 5 homes in my lifetime, the 3 most substantial and recent all had stairs that I had to use every day). I might actually need to take AJ’s advice and get a runner. Or Annie’s and get bathtub footsies.
  • My heart hurts for my loved ones right now.
  • The paper that never ends is still not ending. Week extension
  • I am not looking forward to making a poster and having to stand in front of it for hours in boredom