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October 2008
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Gold hiding green

And even if their hearts tarnish
They’ve gold wedding bands to hide the green
- “Chimera Obscurant” by The Velvet Teen

I think songs have become my new fiction. (escape?) I haven’t been reading much. This might have to do with my new obsession with My Chemical Romance, which really needs to end please now ohmygod. But seriously, when you can listen to songs like Chimera Obscurant, I’m not sure you need fiction. (I didn’t see it on youtube, but if you can find this song? It’s a fucking novel. It’s twelve minutes long and I’m pretty sure there’s not a chorus.) The music has it’s own story that either deepens or contrasts the lyrics and with bands like the Velvet Teen just trying to figure out the lyrics (without google of course) is an adventure. I tried to find an example, but the songs just aren’t popular enough to have sixty verisons all over youtube.

Anyways, the quote above really grabbed me. I think it’s so very GOOD that I had to share.

And just to share the obsession: “Demolition Lovers” by My Chem off their first album I Brought You My Bullets, You Bring Me Your Love. There was no good or official video, so I just grabbed one that had lyrics.