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October 2008
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Training exercise days.

Have you ever had one of those days? That just makes you wonder if the day wasn’t supposed to be a day, but a life training exercise? Like one of those days where the alarm clock doesn’t beep or turn on the radio but turns on static so that you sleep in too late. Then you don’t have time to do your hair and for some reason it’s greasy even though you showered. So you go to wake your husband up and he gives you evil devil eyes like you just killed his cat, except he doesn’t even HAVE a cat and there’s no reason for him to be giving you the mean evil “you killed my cat and now must die” eyes. Even worse is that when you ask he won’t admit that he IS giving you the cat-killer eyes, and no he didn’t have a nightmare and no he got at least 4 hours of sleep, so WHY DO YOU LOOK AT ME WITH HATRED YOU CRAZY HUSBAND? I’m not making this up.

Then you try doing your makeup in the office while your husband showers because you didn’t have time to do it before he needed the bathroom (evil stupid alarm clock). Then your mascara decides it likes your skin more than your lashes and it’s waterproof in less than 1 ns and you are locked out of the bathroom so you cry and try to move on. Only no matter what you do your face looks funky and blotchy like you only put on foundation in some places, except you’ve been using this makeup for over two weeks and you’ve done it exactly the same every day. So you think it’s just the funny lighting in the office except that it isn’t and you walk around all day looking blotchy.

And you have two reviews due that day and you have them done but you realize that you forgot to read the paper for the meeting in trying to read and review the other two papers. And you feel bloated. And the calendar is telling you evil things about the time of the month and the year and you freak out a little. And you have to deal with your coworker who likes to touch your monitor and come up behind you while you have your headphones on and touch your shoulder and freak you out a lot. And you chose the wrong type of tea for the day so instead of having a soothing cup of warmth to help you through the day you have the harsh ugliness that you’ve been trying to keep for the days when you feel bright and on top of the world. Which today is obviously NOT.

You have days like those?