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May 2021
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comfort and luxury

I don’t often think of comfort going along with luxury. Probably because stuff that comforts me isn’t terribly luxurious by today’s standards. A book. A warm blanket. A hug. But I was flipping through my music on my computer not wanting to hear some of the songs that I would normally listen to, when I hit Billy Joel’s Just the Way You Are. And I sighed inside the way you would at the touch of silk or really fine chocolate. But I also felt something in me calm a bit the way a sweet book or warm blanket can calm me.

I do think it’s interesting that I find a song luxurious. I can replay it over and over and every day, so it’s not something rare. I think I just find this song particularly fine.

I had chicken noodle soup earlier and now I have a mug of tea with cream and sugar (not the way I have tea on a daily basis or even a weekly basis). I think I’m in need of comforting, but finding that touch of luxury to accompany the comfort was really nice. Also interesting to me is that it’s the second time in a few days that something has managed to seem both comforting and luxurious to me. I can’t really share the song, but I can share the other thing:

I love this photo.

And this one. Just gorgeous. Soft and gorgeous.

strawberry fields forever

So on Saturday I spent the morning playing with my camera taking pictures of the strawberry fields skein that I had spent Friday evening washing and beating and hanging up to dry. I took somewhere near 60 pictures trying to get the colors right and to make the yarn look… well pretty. I wanted to make some yarn porn. I turn green with envy when I notice the gorgeous pictures on other knitting blogs (I think Cara is probably most well known for the gorgeous pictures of yarn, but have you seen Brooklyn Tweed? Or Knitting on Impulse? There are a ton more, but I just grabbed from the top of Google Reader.)

Then Saturday sometime during the day, before I managed to actually post those pictures like I had been planning, I fell into some weird funk. My energy disappeared, my mood soured. Instead of feeling like puttering around the house the way I had planned, I kinda curled up into myself. I only came out around midday today. It was pretty pathetic and Bear was at a loss. But I’m back out of it, mostly, so I thought I’d actually share the pretty yarn efforts. Tell me what you think.

Meh. I started off not so great huh?

Hmm. Colors look better, at least on my screen, but still, not so good.

Mmmm. I do like this picture. Colors are still washed out a bit, but I still love this picture.

This, however, is my favorite. I love the colors in this yarn. In some places it’s a little Christmas-y, but there seems to be every shade of green from mint to celadon to grass to avocado. And it sets of all the pinks and reds. In some places it clashes it a bit and in other’s it compliments.

Probably at least part of the reason I love it is technical. It’s 220 yards of 15 wpi yarn: probably the best 3ply I’ve done to date. And some info, (not that this hasn’t been on the blog before) the fiber is 4oz of Correidale from Spunky Eclectic Fiber of the Month Club. Dyed in a color combination she calls Strawberry Fields.

finishing and photos

Another post about what my brother and I were up too. The whole time wasn’t spent fighting. (We fight like we’re 5. “You’re stupid.” “No you’re stupid.” Actually, probably like we’re 7. But still. We manage to always annoy our mother. Thankfully Bear has a sibling too, so he either laughs at us or leaves the room. Sometimes he takes a side, but thankfully it’s rare. Because it’s not always my side he takes.)

But while Carl was here, (Think I should have called him Bro. Bear? lol. If I weren’t so tired I’d be laughing. Why does school have to start this week?) we also spent some time getting out of each other’s hair. For me that meant finishing this:

I took the pics in afternoon light and then tried post processing to fix the colors. They are better (everything had a yellow tint to it before) but the colors are both too strong and too muted. In real life the Christmas-y sections don’t pop out and leave everything else so washed out. I, as usual, am in love with it. I’ll probably always be in love with everything I spin.

See the yellow? (yes it’s exactly the same as the pic above. I really want to know how it strikes you.)

Pretty yarn.

I have like 20 pictures of this yarn. I haven’t washed it and done all the little numbers thing, but I do know I have 220 yards. Not enough for my big ole feet if I do normal sized socks. So I’m thinking ankle socks maybe? I had a few bits left ovr at the end and tried Navajo plying again.

It didn’t work so well. I think either I just plain don’t like the idea or I’m doing something wrong. Honestly, the whole idea of having the singles going in two different directions kinda bothers me. Everyone else it seems worries about the knots that form, but I know that isn’t too big of an issue from the last time I navajo-plied yarn. The knots really do disappear. But the whole 3-ply that doesn’t wear very well idea? Kinda bugs me.

Well, so while I was working (I had to work a few days Carl was here) he amused himself by going around and taking pictures. So I’ll finish this up with my favorites of the ones he took (with almost no editing from me, except that I cropped two of them.)

The Christian Science church? They have like three buildings and the reflection pool. The other two are pretty normal boring buildings, but this one gets photographed a lot.

I should know (and probably do but I’m a bit tired at the moment) what all of those buildings are. One is another of the Christian Science buildings. And uhh. Yeah. Oh, well, you can see the Prudential! Gak.

Creatively speaking

It always seems to me that in writing/knitting/spinning/probably-any-creative-effort, there are always many many ideas that occur to the creator. Stories and pictures and thoughts and dreams spark characters and plots and visions of lace and cascades of color and textures. But usually the ideas come when we are already busy trying to make some previous vision into a reality. So we try to capture the idea by writing something down or maybe creating something small and quick with the idea that later we’ll come back to the tangible thing we created and be able to recapture the nebulous spark. But I’ve found, despite years of writing down little bits of characters and plots and now taking pictures and writing little ideas of combinations of fiber and pattern that rarely does the spark get captured. Later more often that not turns into never and the best we can hope for is that those little notes and pictures and samples and bits will strike a new spark. Not that characteristic, turning point, color, fiber, fabric, or combination, but ah, this one will work.

I’m currently trying to breathe some spark into a few ideas. A story, some lace, some color, a bitty sweater. It makes it difficult to come by and write and document when things are so nebulous and I don’t share the writing or work efforts on this blog. But I’ll share some pictures and I’ll be by to share once I see some light.


I love this picture. The mornings were spent in my fiance’s mother’s living room, enjoying the roses, tea, quiet, and knitting (or spinning) . And this picture gives me a feeling of peace. Strange, because I’m not sure I was feeling peaceful at the time.

pink lily

One of my favorite lilies. We have a few of them outside the kitchen and on the other side of the house.

june fotm

June FOTM from Spunky. I probably won’t spin it for a while. The colors just aren’t talkin to me.