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December 2022
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Life in Numbers

Semi-co-blogged with Linda.

years alive: 28
years in school: 22+
blog subscriptions: 180
boyfriends: 1
husbands: 1
countries visited: 5
blogs: 3
active blogs: 1
years knitting: 6
years spinning: 5?
years reading: 25?
jobs held: 4
living grandparents: 2
homes: 5
states lived in: 2
houseplants killed: too many
life-path number: 4*
states visited: ~30
shoes: 14
books read: at least one a week
email accounts: 3
cars owned: 3
cellphones bought: 2
cellphones used: 6
laptops: 6
weddings attended: 7
births attended: 3
funerals attended: 3
aunts and uncles: 18
cousins: 18
siblings: 2

*I was trying to find more statistics to list and found that life path link. I thought it was pretty funny.
ETA: I forgot Dubai!



Not an engineer for nothing.

We inherited some gorgeous and old peony plants when we bought our house. The one in the back is so large and crowded that the plants fall to the ground.

I realized this weekend I needed to fix this, but pretty metal stakes with the loops at the top are expensive! So I thought and thought about what to do to get the flowers off the ground.

Twisty ties are too short. String will cut into the stems. Anything else costs money. Then BAM: ribbon is as long as you need it and the wideness prevents it from being sharp on the plant.

Yesterday I was at home and thought to tie up the plant. Except I don’t have any ribbon. I wandered around the house. Cut a pair of jeans to make shorts. Did some errands. Wandered around some more looking for nonexistent ribbon some more. Finally thought… I bet I can cut up something else to make ribbon!

So I took the jean legs from earlier and drew a spiral down the leg. Then I started cutting along the line.

RIBBON! (Well, not really, but good enough for government work.)

The next part of this process was to find a stick I could use to hold the plant upright. Even if I tied the whole plant, I didn’t want it to be TIGHT, I just wanted the plant gathered loosely. But most of the stems were leaning towards the northeast (in the first picture, see how most of the stems are leaning towards the photographer?). That meant the whole plant would lean to the northeast.

Then I tied the jeans around the base of the stems.

And stuck the stick/stake inside the loop to hold the plant upright!

It’s not as pretty as I imagined it would be (with a pretty pink ribbon to match the peonies), but not bad for a Monday.

Home is wherever I’m with you

I wasn’t going to do this, but look at this saucy girl!!

Bear has the best ideas.

I had to burn up

Last night I lit a fire in our new fireplace. Well. It’s not new to the house, but it’s a new house with a fireplace. Oh whatever. Except that Bear was paranoid and then I couldn’t get the flue open and then Bear got his hands super sooty trying to fix it for me which made him want a fireplace even LESS than he already did. BUT!

We got a fire going and burned the three logs that were in there. Bear won’t let me light another one though. We are going to get an insert at some point. The fire is good heat.

I also went around and took pictures of the plants since I had the camera out.

First is my orchid. Despite my neglect, it keeps on thriving. I’ve had the plant since June, when my mother bought it for me.

It has two new blooms that you can see open and one big bud. But even better is the shoot with three tiny blooms on it. The only bad part is that the plant’s flowers were originally bigger. I’ve got to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

The Amaryllis was picked out by Bear. I was going to go for one with peachy-orange blooms, but he was captivated by the lone red one. When we bought it, the second stalk was shorter and the blooms on the larger stalk looked sickly. It looks much better now.

These two are for Bear’s desk, once he gets everything set up. The one on the left is the money tree and the one on the right is the juniper. Bear was very disappointed with the “bonsai” selection that Home Depot had, but I like his selections. Granted it took him forever to pick these two. He wanted tiny plants, which was fine. They also needed to have waxy leaves and look a certain way and not need too much sunlight and not need too much water and they needed to be ok with his computer and compliment his new desk and I don’t even know because we looked at every plant they had at Home Depot. It was fun actually.

I was looking for plants for Bear when I saw this succulent and I was captivated by it’s green frilly healthy leaves and the purple tips on the dying leaves. It seems to be doing well here. I’ve stuck it in the sunniest spot in our house, which happens to be next to my glass dragon. I also gave it water before I realized that it should only be watered once a month in the winter. Oh well. I’m sure I’ll neglect it soon enough to keep it alive. I’m good at neglecting my plants. I just gotta keep picking ones that thrive in those conditions.