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December 2022
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Best you’ve ever had

Bear and I went to see the new Bond movie almost a week ago and while we both had the same problems with the movie, it was still entertaining. Bear found this infographic about the Bond movies and I thought it was interesting enough to share. I linked to the original in the image as well.


(Rainbow Oreo, I have Artic Monkeys running in my head, so that’s where the title is from.)

Be my luck

This post is purely down to my dearest Rainbow Oreo.

I jerked awake to the alarm clock this morning. I’d been having a nightmare. In it, my aunt? someone was like a detective after a serial killer and we’d just found some of his bodies and one of the skulls had a note in its mouth. The killer was coming after my aunt. We were booby trapping a house (that as like a mashup of my house and the house I grew up in) because we were sure the killer was coming. The traps were made out of metal bits and wet glue. It was really crazy. Right as I woke up, we heard someone creep into the house and we were dialing 911.

I remember a lot of water and wet toxic glue. The bodies had been pulled out of a swamp. It was so awful. Such a creepy dream. Heres hoping for better ones tonight.

(Rainbow Oreo, the lyric is from Capital Cities “Safe & Sound”

When I’m employed

Bear remarked the other day that I haven’t updated the blog in awhile. I figure if he-who-never-visits noticed that I haven’t blogged, then something really needed to be done.

So, big news first: I have a job. It’s so exciting. I haven’t started yet, so it gets to be exciting without a paycheck or a commute or co-workers (good and bad). I’ve told this to a lot of people lately, but I’ll say it here too. I like having a job. I’m the kind of person who does better when she has somewhere to go and jobs to do. I do better under pressure. If I have all the time in the world, I never ever have enough time. I don’t know how, but I have LESS time now to go get groceries than I did while I was getting my MS. Speaking of!!! They mailed my diploma. It was kinda weird getting it in the mail. I literally looked at it and was like, why do I have two of these? Not the degree itself, but the paper. It’s kinda silly. I think I got over certificates when I was in the 4th grade.

Ok. I don’t know where that came from.


So anyways, I will soon be contributing to the household again, this time in a more significant fashion. I’m excited. I’m also excited about work. I’m excited about having a new place to make a wee little home in. I don’t get a cubicle, I’m not excited about that, but I’ll get over it.

So actually, nothing has changed with me. Stuff will, but other than feeling about 50x better, nothing has. I’ve been playing with Goldilocks (little grandson who is visiting his grandma, Left), playing with fountain pens and ink. I still knit. I still play on my computer.

Bear rebuilt my computer for me. Actually, I have a picture:

That picture was taken right after Bear put the new innards into the case. It’s all pretty and spiffy. There’s some dust now. This is what I get for not posting for two months.

I also have a new scarf:

(Apparently I don’t have pictures of the finished scarf. Enjoy these inprogress pictures:)

(RIGHT after I took that picture, the stupid tube of chapstick fell. OF COURSE.)

I also knit myself a hat. I used the same yarn that I had in the fingerless mittens from the previous post. It wasn’t enough yarn to make an entire hat, so I supplemented with some white yarn to make a striped hat. I think it’s lovely, but I don’t have pictures of that either. I’ve also spun some yarn! So apparently I have been productive the last 3 months. I just was mopey and didn’t blog. Weird to only realize that now.

Ok. I’ll be back with a more coherent post at some point. Probably with pictures of the finished scarf and the hat and some other stuff.

Oh. Bear and I also took  a honeymoon. (4 years after we got married!) It was a fantastic few days.

When I’m unemployed

Different Inks:

Fountain Pens:

Fingerless Mittens (from undocumented handspun):