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December 2022
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Handmade Scarf for BDF

BDF Scarf, folded

BDF Scarf, hanging

Need the smell of summer

Bear and I are chafing to get to Spring. We want the big thaw. The bulbs to shoot and the daffodils to carpet the yard in yellow. Unfortunately, the blog will be a bit boring unless Bear accommodates us all by being entertaining.

I’m keeping my sanity (while I work work work) through a few simple things:

New dinner ware set. (And COFFEE. The cup was rinsed hastily for it’s photo shoot.)

A very pretty note (in content and looks, can’t get better than that) from a lovely person who I am honored to call friend and family.

Tea from China.

I finished the waist shaping on the back of my sweater!!! (As much as I look at those waist decreases and wonder if they are a little dramatic, I am ignoring them. FINISH FINISH FINISH.)

(Gilligan, the title is from “I Will Play My Game Beneath the Spin Light” by Brand New. I picked it because I heard the lyrics this morning and was like. YESYESYEYSEYSEYES OMG YES. Full line: “The time has come for colds and overcoats. [...] I need the smell of summer, I need its noises in my ears.”)

better run from my gun

I’m in need of soothing, so here’s some pretty from Valentine’s Day:

from me: Child’s Play

from my mom: Prism, U-Pick, Roller Skate, Dolly

I actually have two each of the yarns in the last picture. My mom wanted me to knit warm socks for my feet. I have big feet, so each foot needs it’s own ball/skein of yarn.

(Linda, title is inspired by the crappy day and Foster The People’s “Pumped up Kicks”)

best one of the year

Two of my family are visiting and have completely changed the house for Bear and I (so much better). Our TV and couch and garage and tool organization and washer and dryer and our networking (TV and internet). They’ve all been improved or moved or fixed. It’s stunning. Our neighbors completely transformed our front and back yards. All of this since Wednesday. We’ve been having a blast and are loving the changes.

Bear has been cooking for us and it’s all been amazingly good. Succulent meats and smooth starches and balancing vegetables and accents (is cranberry sauce an accent? I think so) have had us all very happy when we aren’t working and freezing.

We’ve still got a ways to go, but I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thanksgiving.