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February 2023
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lost & found & finished

I didn’t mean to ignore the blog for a week then have a huge post, but here it is. I intend to do better.

So you know how sometimes when you lose something and you look and look and look for it and it only turns up after you stop looking? or after a deadline has passed? or after you’ve bought a replacement? Well, maybe most of you have perfectly clean homes and are perfectly organized, but it happens to me all the time. I really need to be more organized, because it really does happen more often than it should in our home.

The latest occurance was this sock:

lonely sock

I KNEW I had finished both of them, but I couldn’t find the other sock. I looked for months. Then today I grabbed the purse (market bag) that I’m going to take with me tomorrow and guess what was in it??? The other sock!

sock pair

Big pair of socks for a big pair of feet. I wish I had found it before winter was over.

But I have something much better to share. I reblocked the Branching Out scarf.

Here it is after I blocked it the first time:

first blocking

I don’t know if y’all can see it, but there’s a crease in it! And I hated how the edges looked.
new blocking

So I tried again. (Please ignore the wrinkled sheet. The sheet was clean, just… wasn’t put away very quickly.)


This is how it looks now. (Don’t tell me if you don’t see any differences, ok?) I’m so enamored with it, here it is with the light behind it.


Details: It ended up being 3″ across, 62″ long. It was made with I have no idea how much two ply handspun. The pattern can be found here, on knitty. It was knit on 2.25mm needles.

I’m still knitting the orenburg style scarf and I’ve started thinking about the next one. I had planned on showing the efforts, but I think I’ll save that ’til next week since this post already feels really long.

I’m super excited about tomorrow. I only make it to this one Sheep and Wool Festival, so I’ve been looking forward to this for a year. I’m glad this year it won’t be muddy and raining.

Heh. I put on Charlotte’s Web to have it on while I was playing on the internet and posting this and I just got to the part where Charlotte dies. I’m all teary eyed now. It’s such a sad sweet story. I actually put it in because of Franklin’s post in honor of National Teacher’s Day. I’ll admit something. I read a lot and I’ve read many many classic children’s stories, but I’ve never read Charlotte’s Web. I plan on reading it to my kids one day, but somehow, I missed reading it myself.

Now I’m going to spin a bit before I finish getting ready for tomorrow. Gnite.