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December 2022
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get taken seriously

I’m reading this novel and I came across a bit of dialogue that I think perfectly fits why I hate modern literature/film:

“People think that if something ends happy, it’s not real. [...] It’s all shit. It’s not life. When bad things happen in real life you don’t get a cookie for sitting through it and bragging to your friends that it taught you the truth of the universe. It’s not beautiful. It’s not compelling. You drag yourself up and sew yourself back together and most of the time you get jack shit for not putting a bullet through your brain except another stupid sunrise that you probably sleep through anyway. [...] I had a point. I don’t know what it is, other than stupid movies are stupid and you shouldn’t let them get to you.”

I think this blurs the line between the audience and the subject a bit. Usually the characters aren’t the ones having the cookies with their friends talking about how they learned the truths of the universe, it’s the audience. If you go back to the ancient Greeks, tragedy was only one of the dramatic genres and it had a function (I really only remember catharsis, but Wikipedia says that there is also mimesis). We aren’t learning deep truths in tragedies, they just help cleanse us of our tears.

Shot him down

I don’t know what it is about me, but whenever I get too excited about stuff, I tend to cause it to fall apart. I overwhelm people or I make it too complicated and the next thing I know I’m upset or Bear is upset or someone is upset and the plan has to be killed or abandoned or recalibrated. Thanksgiving this year almost went the same way. Bear and my aunt did get upset, but I think we managed to save it.

The reason it happened was totally down to me talking too much to one too many people. I know Bear has said it in the past, but I really have to figure out a way of checking myself when I get excited or anxious. My mouth just runs in those situations and it almost always becomes a problem.

I had no intention of this post being so dark. I’m actually in a really great mood today. Happier posts to come later in the week, I promise.

echoes through me

This was supposed to be a wordless wednesday post, but whatever. This week has been so work-related busy. It’s also been awesome because Bear has been driving himself to work all week. I’m very thankful today that my husband can drive. That we can afford a second car and the spike in insurance for a new driver. I’m very thankful that my new looser schedule has meant more time to talk to Rainbow Oreo and my brother and my mom. I’m thankful for my very inquisitive mind preventing me from buying something I didn’t need that I wouldn’t have liked once it got delivered.

So here’s my picture of my poor car tire. I’m very thankful this saga is over as well.

(Rainbow Oreo, the title is from a Death Cab for Cutie song that is stuck in my head. “I’m swallowed in sound as it echoes through me” I really really love that lyric which is why it is often going round in my head.)

“Could you imagine burning platinum for energy?”

Tuesdays I usually talk about something… nonfrivolous. To me at least. The first Tuesday I talked about how I have heroes and decided that I would dedicate Thursdays to them. That project is turning out to be VERY difficult for me. The second Tuesday I talked about losing power from the Nor’easter.

Today it’s gonna be about power again, but this time about sources of power, not the effects of living without it.

A while ago, Bear and I watched a documentary. It’s clearly a low budget kind of thing and it’s entirely available on Youtube. It’s 2 hours long. It’s about how we generate power and specifically, why there are very good reasons to develop nuclear power plants, but not like the reactors we HAVE been using. This reactor is a Molten Salt or Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor, also called LFTR (lifter).

This might sound horribly boring, but this video manages to be compelling. I was exhausted and Bear started the video at 11pm, telling me that we could finish it the next day. We finished it at 1am. Watch it. Just try the first 5 minutes. Please. I’ll knit you something if you do.