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December 2022
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growing green things

I have tomatoes. And plants that are still falling over. Guh.

So. As you can see, the poor Siberian (last picture) plant ended up having to be propped up against the house. The Stripey plant (second picture) is propped up against the fence. Apparently, the wind was strong enough to rip the plant off the fence (there were branches tangled in the fence) and knocked a bunch of tomatoes off today. These pictures are all from yesterday. But look at that beautiful Black Prince and Bradley planter (first picture). Sitting there with two big tomatoes ripening on the vine. Gorgeous yes?? Sadly though, I think I’ll only get the one tomato from the Bradley plant.

I do have some ripe tomatoes from Stripey and Siberian.

The green ones on the bottom are casualties from all the times Stripey or Siberian fell. When Stripey fell again today, it doubled the output you see there. Now I have only red tomatoes in that tupperware and I have an even bigger one full of green tomatoes.

A few of the Stripey tomatoes split kind of violently about 4 days ago.

I’ve got about half a dozen tomatoes that look like that. *winces* I’ve abused these plants so badly this year.

But the Bradley tomato is gorgeous

And the Black Prince tomatoes are starting to ripen

daily dose

My eyes hurt. I hate when Bear works himself up so badly because he’s worried about work or is trying to pretend morning isn’t coming that he can’t sleep and so I can’t sleep because I can practically feel his mind turning. Sometimes after that happens I can’t sleep even after he’s passed out. I think I was up until 5? I clearly remember looking up while Bear was snoring and thinking “shit. That’s sunrise.” So yeah. I don’t want to work because it hurts looking at the computer.

Yesterday Bear found me an anime to watch that I’m actually really enjoying (called Lovely Complex if you care). I took a break and went upstairs and was bouncing at him telling him how much I was liking it and he goes “I’m so glad I can tell when you like something.” I stopped dead and scoffed. “Yeah because I was making it so hard on you.” My excitement was cracking him up. I am not a subtle person. He has nothing to worry about.

It’s always weird to me when I get better after I was sick because I never feel sick when I am. But then later I’ll be doing stuff that I just couldn’t be bothered with before because duh, not feeling well. I’m always surprised at myself. I don’t know why I’d rather think of myself as being lazy than just be aware that I’ve got the flu and that’s going to influence my energy levels. I think Bear is finally kicking it off because this weekend there wasn’t any complaints about him “getting sick again, really this isn’t the same thing Em. It smells different.” I tried very hard to explain to him how even after the fever and the worst of the congestion is gone, I still had shit in my lungs too, but Bear loves to win the my-sob-story-trumps-yours game. I’ve got to break him of that before he teaches that to any future/possible offspring.

I have a ripening tomato. On Mr. Stripey. And it’s not as big as some of the other green tomatoes and I don’t know what’s up with that.

I’m pretty boring. It was really hot this weekend so Bear and I spent most of it sweaty and gross. I shouldn’t blog when I’m tired.

*scoffs* the journey my ass. I want my payoff.

I haven’t blogged about this much, but I’ve got a bunch of wild growing plants in my little bit of space on the side of my house. The newest additions are the herbs:

Bear mostly cooks with thyme, so there’s two varieties (Lemon on the left, English right). The middle is basil just because I love it and I’m hoping just having fresh will encourage him to try cooking with it. I probably would have done better to buy rosemary but I’m not as fond and it’s not like he uses it much.

But the big thing is the tomatoes. First is my favorite, despite it not growing much:

The black prince tomato plant. There’s a total of 5 freaking tomatoes on it. I don’t know what’s up, but the two plants in the older planter are sad and tiny and just haven’t been growing well, but they have the biggest tomatoes, if not the most.

The paler leaves you see are the bradley plant, the darker is the black prince in on the left. The bradley plant has ONE FREAKING TOMATO. I don’t know if it’s because it’s a determine plant. If it’s the location of the planter. If it’s the fact that it’s sharing with another plant. I really really don’t get why this little plant continues to be a shrimp. If anything happens to that tomato you might see me actually freak out. The soil was different? WHY?? I wish plants could talk.

But these two aren’t the trouble makers believe it or not.

This is the siberian tomato plant. This fucker has been the biggest pain in my ass. When I had an aphid problem back in June, this plant consistently had 2x more aphids than the other plants and when the ladybugs finally finally started eating all of them this plant was the last to shake them off. It finally started sprouting fruit and then at least a 1/3 of the plant’s fruit started showing end blossom rot. I pruned that 1/3 of the plant away (it was pretty consistent among some branches so I cut kind of aggressively). I gave it dolomite (lime? calcium?) and now the cases have slowed down so that I maybe have seen 5 fruits with end blossom rot since. I’m going to wait another week and if I’m still seeing fruit with rot I’ll give it some more dolomite. The thing is that I MIXED DOLOMITE INTO THE SOIL WHEN I PLANTED. *breathes* mfing plant.

Sadly, this plant probably doesn’t even need me to tell you what the problem is. And it’s not even the plants or nature’s fault. It’s all on my head. When I bought the new planters, I didn’t consider that I didn’t have a cage for them and thus the tomatoes had no support. When I realized they needed the support, I bought some of those round wire cages from Home Depot. Then when I put the cages in place I didn’t consider that four little flimsy wires poking a few inches into the soil wasn’t going to be able to support the weight of the plant. I should have gotten my wire cutters and trimmed the bottom wires so that the bottom circle was flush against the soil to give the cage stability. I’m not even sure that would have sufficed, but it would have been better than what’s going on, which is a decent wind can knock the plant over. Mr Stripey is the best plant I’ve got with lots of decent sized fruit and healthy stems and leaves, but the poor thing keeps falling over.

Then you end up with little lost fruit like this one. Its sad and disheartening and it makes me want to beat myself. Right now the cage is tied to the fence in two different spots so that’s mostly staying upright. I have plans to find clips that I can attach to the edges of the planter and then use string to tie the cage down. I figure if it’s tied tight on all four sides, then it should be ok. I hope. The siberian plant consistently leans only in one direction, so I stole the clips from the cage to counterbalance the pull of the weight. That has kept it from completely falling over like Mr Stripey.

Inappropriate translates into boy as “should be repeated”

So I haven’t blogged here much. I’ve been working on my 101/1001 days project with Lin. I’ve also been babying/obsessing over/petting the tomato plants, enjoying the last of my days with AJ before she moves *sobs*, and spinning. I am spinning like a FIEND. I shall soon have photographic evidence. The weather here has been… not so happy and sunshiney. Tomorrow’s forecast includes a high of 58 and rain, so I’m still not all excited.

I also lost my nostepinne and that has me CRANKY. I keep wandering around the house muttering, “How’d I lose my stick? Where’s my stick?” Bear, fairly early on, decided that he was going to be inappropriate and randomly interjects with “I’ll give you a stick.” If you picture him with a leering grin on while he says it, you get his drift. I act appropriately and scowl at him which causes him to giggle and life at Chez Bear continues.

ALSO!! Tomorrow my mommy comes for a whole two week visit. This shall be fun. And horrid. And full of excitement. Oh joy. I am honestly looking forward to having her around. She’s my mommy, ya know?